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Introducing Louis

First ever
braille device

Read books in braille

Upload from USB or download pdf from web

Louis allows users to plugin USB devices to upload PDF, Excel, Word documents and more. Louis will convert it into braille and display in multi line display. Users can switch to audio mode if necessary.

We understand your needs

Sixdots has taken multiple surveys and feedbacks from different blind schools, individuals, mentors to understand more of our customer requirements and design accordingly

Robust Design

Louis is designed keeping in mind that the device may slip from hands of the user multiple times and should be physically robust.

Multiple variants

We understand the affordability and convenience to use the device are of top priority to our customers, so we have designed the device in multiple size variants so that users can select as per their needs.

Affordable price

Education is a right to everyone. That is why we have decided to make the device affordable to everyone. With the new efficient design we pulled it off successfully.


Play Games

Different size variants are available and the users can select based on the features required or size convenience

Bluetooth connectivity

The device supports bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and users can plugin speakers or headset to listen to audio while travelling or during online classes

Advanced Note Taking

We understand the difficulty of students and listeners who wants to take notes and stop relying on audio recordings. We let you take notes using braille keyboard which comes as an

Social Networking

Every human being deserves social connections and no hindrances whatsoever. Connect now with friends and families using our in-build apps and share your stories and experiences.

Customer Reviews

As a Visually impaired myself, I have been waiting for a product like Louis all my life. It helps me with learning and interaction like nothing else.


Director, National Federation of India

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